Hulk Bash! From green shell scripter to super hero

nodejs, javascript, bash, cli

Performing at least some tasks on the command line is an unavoidable fact of life for most developers. Hulking giants of other programming realms, however, are often shrunk right back to newbish weaklings the moment they enter the arcane world of the Unix shell. "Awk" is for "awkward"! For many, it's just not a priority to learn a decades-old shell and its funky idioms when they could instead spend time hacking on the latest and greatest. But there's immense potential in such a tried and true set of power tools, for productivity, creativity, automation, data crunching, impressing your friends, and even impressing yourself. Come learn a bit of essential Bash and Zsh, along with the shell scripting concepts that apply to cli tools written in your favorite "real" language. Examples will be given in Ruby, Python, and Node, with any luck also in Golang and Clojure, and by a big angry green dude.

John Loy

Senior Web Application Developer