HackedDB: All Your Data Are Belong To Us

relational, nosql, data

Imagine waking up, and discovering that your database is featured in Troy Hunt's latest "security breach" blog post. Worse: Imagine that, after waking up, you discover all your data is gone! Even worse still: Your data has been replaced with a BitCoin ransom note.

Database security is super-important. Every database engine has built-in security. Every network can be locked down. So, why so many unarmed databases? Why is it so easy for someone to get to your data???

In this talk, I'll take you on a tour of things you can do to lock down your database, from the engine itself to the computer and network is sits on. I'll pick a few popular databases as our test subjects, and use Azure for the cloud (specifically, virtual machines and networks).

David Makogon