(Workshop) ES.next Fundamentals

es2016, javascript

JavaScript is evolving quickly. The mega ES6 specification was released in 2015 and is quickly being implemented by modern JS interpreters. New versions of ECMAScript will now be released on a yearly basis with new features going through a 4-stage proposal process. We can leverage features in ES6, ES2016, and those slated for future versions right now to write even clearer and more concise JavaScript code.

Experience with JavaScript will help you get the most out of this hands-on workshop, but you don’t have to have a JavaScript black belt to leave feeling confident in “ES.next.” Learn how to write cleaner code using arrow functions, destructuring, rest parameters, and other ES.next features you’re likely to use and benefit from on a daily basis. Oh, and don’t worry if you didn’t understand any of those terms — you soon will after this workshop.

Ben Ilegbodu

Engineering Manager