(Workshop) Deploying And Scaling Applications With Docker

docker, containers

Take your containers into production and operate clusters like a pro. We will run a sample multi-container app on a single node with Docker Compose. Then, we will add scaling and load balancing. We will see how to provision a cluster of Docker nodes, and deploy the application on that cluster. We will see how to perform common operation tasks, and see what built-in options are available to achieve high availability.

The whole workshop will use "real-world" demo applications with web frontends, web services, background workers, and stateful data stores, in order to cover a wide range of use cases. You won't need to pre-install Docker before the course: each student will be given their own environment in play-with-docker.com to use for the day with 5 nodes to learn with.

This workshop uses the latest Docker features including Swarm Mode, secrets storage, blue-green deployments, routing mesh, stacks, and more.

Who is this presentation for? (job titles, functions, experience)

DevOps staff, container operations, anyone needing to deploy containers to production and manage them.

What's the takeaway for the audience?

  • How to build a multi-node, secure, Docker Swarm cluster.
  • How to deploy and manage a multi-container, highly-available multi-service app inside a cluster.
  • Hands on with daily and intermediate-level tasks a container cluster operator deals with.
  • More jazzed about taking containers into production!

Prerequisite knowledge for this presentation

  • Know the basic container concepts of images and containers.
  • Have used Dockerfile before, or at least understand how to use them.

Tutorial hardware and/or installation requirements for attendees

Laptop with Chrome or Firefox browser. That's It!

Bret Fisher

Independent DevOps and Docker Consultant