Building Web Services in Golang

backend, golang

Golang first appeared in 2009 and hit 1.0 two years ago and is now used all over the world in production as a general purpose language. As a statically typed language and a low number of keywords, it makes Golang easy to learn, read, and be productive. The rich standard library and simple constructs make Go expressive to write web services in but also able to be low level enough for systems programming. We will give an overview into Golang and start building web services in the language. At GothamGo 2016, one of the largest Go Conferences in North America, the maintainers of Golang are looking at making it more popular to become a programmer's first language. They are actively making it more friendly and more inclusive to bring on the next generation of programmers. Go attacks the same problem domains that C/C++ similarly solve while providing a modern tooling experience. Prerequisite wise: anyone familiar with creating a RESTful API in any language (JS/Python/PHP/Ruby) should be familiar and able to follow along. At the end, everyone should be empowered to write some Golang and become a Gopher!

Stanley Zheng

Software Developer