(Workshop) Building and Deploying Microservices with AWS

serverless, aws, nodejs, lambda, s3, dynamodb, graphql, alexa

In this workshop we will explore the principles of a Serverless Architecture, where it may be useful and situations to avoid using it.

We will build and deploy a number of small services on AWS Lambda including:

  • Hello World Lambda
  • Simple HTTP endpoint
  • Storing and interacting with files in S3
  • Simple REST API with data from DynamoDB
  • Crontab functionality with Lambda
  • Serverless GraphQL endpoint retrieving data from S3, DynamoDB and 3rd party API
  • Alexa Skill fulfilled by Lambda

The orchestration of all of this will be done using The Serverless Framework. It was written to ease the burdens of managing the lifecycle and deploying services in a serverless architecture.

The examples we will talk through will focus on delivering endpoints to AWS Lambda.

Along the way, we will discuss how using a framework such as this for abstraction and orchestration can allow for deploying mobile and IoT applications with serverless architectures using AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, Google CloudFunctions.

In addition, we'll discuss patterns used in deploying real-world serverless architected applications, team dynamics and tricks for working with serverless projects, pain points and their solutions and much more.

Attendees will walk away with an understanding of the why's of a Serverless Architecture and experience building and deploying a to Amazon Web Services using the Serverless Framework.

The AWS resources we will use across our orchestration are Lambda, CloudFormation, DynamoDB, S3.

Helpful Attendee prereqs:

Basic JavaScript skills, command line and npm skills. Experience with Amazon Web Services is also encouraged.

Kevin Old

Front End Architect

Lifeway Christian Resources