(Workshop) Composing Web Solutions with Azure App Services

devops, azure

In this workshop, we will explore the Azure App Services (http://tryappservice.azure.com/) offering from Microsoft and how we can use a combination of apps that are part of App Services to compose a web solution that has a handful of moving parts.

The workshop will walk you through building a solution that has the following components:

  • An Azure Subscription
  • Azure Storage account for blob (object/file) storage.
  • Azure CosmosDB account for document-based NoSQL storage.
  • API Apps with ASP.NET Core Web API applications and Swagger metadata.
  • Web App with an Angular 4 web application

For the adventurous, our demo repository will also include source code for an Electron+React desktop application, a Logic App, and Azure Functions written in Node.

Sidney Andrews

Cloud Applications Consultant/Trainer