Alt-Ctrl : Scream into this Arduino

biohacking, iot, javascript

When you think about bots, the first thing that pops into your mind is probably cute little robots (as it should be)-- but did you know there's a whole world out there of modules that can allow you to control items through various means of interaction? Accelerometers, capacitive touch, light, sound, and more! Learn about different modules that you may not have used before and see how easily they integrate with an microcontroller through wiring diagrams and code examples. Find out about the emerging occurrences of Biohacking-- especially RFID implants, which I will show via my own chip implanted into my hand. Experience live demos of how some of these work, try them out yourself through a little audience participation, and walk away with a new exciting perspective on fun ways you can get creative with your own hardware projects.

Rachel White