10 Ways to Get Designers into your Codebase

design, ux, javascript

You may have heard that having designers work closely with your developers is productive. You may even be looking for some of those designer-developer hybrids yourself. But is it a good thing? Is it something you should do on your team? What is the value exactly of having your designers work directly with your developers? How do you get designers into your codebase, and once they’re there, how do you keep them there?

In this talk I’ll go over some of the things I’ve learned integrating with various engineering teams over the years about onboarding designers into complex, sometimes open source codebases. We’ll learn how engineers can make things easier for designers when design is a scarce resource, what technical architecture decisions you can make to make your designer effective in your codebase, and what you can do to get even more designers working with you in the future.